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Mainstream Finance - Journal Papers and Book Chapters

  • “The Portfolio Advantages of Sukuk: Dynamic Correlations between Bonds and Sukuk”, (with Abdullah Adel Alfalah & Eamonn D’Arcy), Journal of Asian Finance, Economics and Business, 2022, 9:4, 13-28. Link to Paper

  • “Openess and Foreign Exchange Exposure: A Multi-Country Firm Level Analysis”, (with Elaine Hutson), Journal of International Business Studies, 2010, 41:1, 105-122. Link to Paper

  • “The Abnormal Performance of UK Utility Privatisations”, Studies in Economics & Finance, 2006, 23:3, 164-184. Link to Paper

  • “A Performance Evaluation of Portfolio Managers: Tests of Micro & Macro Forecasting”. European Journal of Finance, 2004, 10:5, 391-411. Link to Paper

  • “The Sensitivity of European Bank Stocks to Interest Rate Changes”, Multinational Finance Journal, 2002, 6:3/4, 223-249. Link to Paper

  • “Emerging Markets, Downside Risk and the Asset Allocation Decision”, Emerging Markets Review, 2001, 2:1, 50-66. Link to Paper

  • “The Impact of Monetary Union on Diversification Opportunities in European Capital Markets”, (with Gary Santry), in Moser, T. & Schips, B. (eds). EMU, Financial Markets and the Outside World. Kluwer Academic Publishers: Dordrecht, 2000.

  • “The Efficiency of the ISEQ Index: Empirical Tests using Daily Data”, Irish Accounting Review, 2000, 7:1, 109-136.

  • “The Timing & Selection Ability of Fund Managers: Parametric & Non-Parametric Tests”, Irish Accounting Review, 1998, 5:2, 66-88.

  • “Irish Financial Data Sources”, (with Paul Ryan), in Brannick, T. & Roche, W. (eds). Business Research Methods: Strategies, Techniques & Sources. Oak Tree Press: Dublin, 1997.

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