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BREXIT Promises: Let’s Reconvene in Five Years

Over the coming months/years please remember that all of the following were promised by the leave campaign in the event of BREXIT.

1 - £350m a week (£18bn a year) to spend on services such as the NHS

2 - Continued free trade and access to the single market whilst at the same time being free of the burden of EU regulations and without any payments to the EU (they apparently need us far more than we need them)

3 - No adverse economic impact from leaving (remember it was all Project Fear)

4 - No large scale movement of jobs overseas

5 - Trade deals with the likes of US, China etc to be quickly negotiated

6 - No second Scottish independence referendum and break-up of the UK

7 - All current EU funding in areas such as the regional development, education, farming, research etc to be maintained and no adverse impact in those areas

8 - Finally, let’s not forget the “promises” on immigration

Let’s all reconvene in say five years’ time to consider what has happened.

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